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Lithium batteries

In the past decade there has been a big shift in the way that regulatory bodies have viewed lithium ion batteries and lithium metal batteries. Nowadays, if you want to ship Lithium Batteries, there are a few hoops to jump though and we’re here to help.

Whether you’re shipping something small like a laptop or something large like a vehicle, we’ve seen it all and we can help you ship it in compliance with the ever-changing dangerous goods regulations.

The first step for shipping any of these batteries is ensuring that they’re properly UN-tested. That means that they passed the tests set out in the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria, Part III, subsection 38.3. If you’re not sure about your batteries, we can help reach out to the manufacturers.

Once the testing is confirmed, the rest is relatively easy. We’ll help with all the dangerous goods packaging, marking, labelling, and documentation that you require.

Note: If you’re importing lithium batteries into Canada, you also have all the same responsibilities as a shipper would. On several occasions, we’ve seen the CBSA and Transport Canada detain shipments at the port for improper packaging, labelling, or documentation. Don’t let this happen to you. Get in touch with us first and we can consult with you to get you started on the right track.