Services we offer


For all our courses, in addition to covering the mandatory topics required for certification, our instructors will give insight on best practices based on years of hands-on industry experience. This invaluable knowledge sets us apart from others. In addition to learning about what is required, students will learn tips, tricks, and techniques on how to prepare a shipment efficiently and what they can do toavoid holdups with carriers. Our instructors don’t just stand in front of a class to teach; they’re in the trenches, working to optimize shipping processes and find solutions, just like you.

We offer customized training for your company based on its unique needs

We’re also look forward to supporting you and your staff in the weeks, months, and years after you’ve completed your training. We take pride in our work and understand the importance of helping you ship your dangerous goods with confidence.

Onsite Repacking

When someone requires dangerous goods help, most often it’s because of insufficient packaging. Unless you’re able to use an exemption when driving it yourself, it can be a headache trying to figure out how to even get your goods to another company for help while still abiding by the regulations.

Our Onsite Repacking service brings the specialist to you. Our regulatory expert will bring packaging supplies, specialty tools, and compliant marks and labels directly to your facility to prepare your shipment for you. This saves on costly courier surcharges and fees for sending your goods back and forth across the city. When the job is done, you can coordinate with the courier so you get to be in control of when your goods ship.

Pickup and Ship

Don’t want us to do it at your place? No problem. We also offer the popular Pickup and Ship service. There are exemptions that our certified specialists can use to pick up your packages and bring them back to our place to prep for further fully-regulated transportation. Our specialized training gives us access to certain quantity allowances not available to the general public. This service is most frequently requested for shipments bound for air travel.

Our preferred couriers are Federal Express (Fed-Ex) for domestic and international air transportation and Purolator for domestic ground transportation. After making your shipment compliant, we’ll coordinate with the courier to get your packages off to their destination so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

SDS Authoring

If your company manufactures, imports, or even rebrands hazardous materials, you’ll need to have Safety Data Sheet (SDS) documentation compliant with WHMIS 2015 in both official languages. We have a long relationship in good standing with an industry leader emergency contact services. They help in the creation process and review our SDS documents to ensure that the content for our customers is compliant and top notch. If your products are proprietary and fall under Canada’s trade secret exemption, we can help you file the paperwork with Health Canada.

If you have a product that you plan to export, your international customers will surely be asking you for Safety Data Sheets that comply with the varying degrees of GHS in their parts of the world. Don’t worry, we have experts to create those for you too.

Documentation Services

We’re here to help keep things right and we value integrity, both in the dangerous goods world and the world at large. There are times when we aren’t required to upgrade your packaging because it’s fine as is. For those times, we’re happy to help with your documentation.

Are you shipping a motorcycle from Vancouver (YVR) or Toronto (YYZ)? Get in touch and we’ll write your Shipper’s Declaration (required Dangerous Goods paperwork with red-hatched border), plus we’ll guide you on how to prepare your bike for the airline. We can ship with all airlines and we’re even the preferred dangerous goods shipper for some.

If you need to ship something by air and you’re trained in TDG for ground, you may be able to give us your pre-packaged goods and have us just help with the air documentation. Getting back to the comment about integrity, we won’t charge you extraneous fees for things that we don’t actually need to do. We’re shippers too and we’re always looking for the least expensive ways to optimize our shipments so our customers keep coming back happy. (Also, it’s great working with great people and great companies so if you’re knowledgeable about the regulations and we can trust each other, we’realready off on the right foot!)

We also help with other specialized documents like Customized Shipping Templates, Equivalency Certificate Applications (TDG Part 14), and WHMIS 2015 Trade Secret Exemptions, amongst many others.

Anything Under the Moon

Got something weird? Let us know. We’ll never claim that we’ve heard it all and we wouldn’t want to either. That would make this industry stale. We have seen some pretty bizarre stuff come across our path over our years in the industry.

Our experts have shipped all nine hazard classes of dangerous goods and we teach this stuff too. We’ve shipped prototype lithium batteries (for flying vehicles), cryogenic dewars (full of frozen animal fluids), and even some one-of- a-kind non-restricted items (when people just wanted some extra protection). If you’ve got something out of this world, get in touch and we can discuss options.